Urban Furniture

We understand how people interact with street furniture,

The CONVIVIALE range is innovatively designed to meet civic requirements in accordance with recommendations on accessibility to public through fares.


Ideal for complementing urban and residential spaces, the range includes a wide selection of street furniture such as bus shelters, bicycle stands, bollards, planters, seating and railings available in 13 colours.


The CONVIVIALE line offers a modern, understated and pure style. A future classic and benchmark design, CONVIVIALE will blend into any urban environment.

The simplicity yet robustness of the CONVIVIALE line ensures low product maintenance and sustainability through the years.


Integrating people of reduced mobility, the disabled and visually impaired into everyday life is a major social challenge. The CONVIVIALE line incorporates elements which protect yet open areas, creating accessible and safe space to guarantee that everyone has the same ability to circulate.

Bus Shelters

Bicycle Stands