Urban Furniture

The horizontal beam is comprised of a two piece crossbar featuring a third sleeve, allowing precise adjustment of the height restrictor to the required road width.


Two versions:

Version 1: for road width of 3.8 to 5.2 metres,

Version 2: for road width of 5.2 to 7.5 metres, where the crossbars are fitted with tension cables for additional support and strength.

Finish: white lacquered finish on galvanised surface with red reflective strips;

Maximum vehicle height: 2200mm;

Mounted on reinforced base plates.


Easy transport to site: this product is delivered in a single parcel of 2 meters (without tension cables) or 3 meters (with tension cables).







Universal Height Restrictors

Revolving to selectively manage access to lorries, caravans, etc.

Non-sagging rectangular steel crossbar (height above ground: 2200) and posts revolving on cylindrical shaft, operated through handles and fitted with lock stops in closed or open positions.


Padlock and pin locking in open/closed positions with optional 11mm triangle key.

Tension cables for lengths beyond 5100.

Attachments for gauge rails under top crossbar.

White lacquered finish on galvanised surface with red reflective strips.

Hoops with bolts as well as template are supplied, for optimum base plate anchorage.



Extra Large Swivel Height Restrictor Gates


1500 x 100 sheet metal rail with 500 x 80 red reflective strips.

Chain and rings for quick-change.

Height under rail: 1770.

Several flaps may be required according to length of crossbar.







Optional Height Gauge Rail


2,200mm steel swivel gantry.

Upper horizontal bar rotating inside one of the vertical uprights.

Galvanised finish with 8 red reflective strips.

To be concreted directly in the ground.

Ground fixing rods supplied.









Large Swivel Height Restrictors