Urban Furniture

Made in steel tube, Ø 60mm frame and Ø 140 pedestal.

Available in standard position or offset position. Pivoting on a swivel bush, nylon-guided in a sliding-raceway.


Standard right angle lock using 20 mm padlock and pin (supplied). May be blocked at 90° in the open position.

Lock options: a prisoner key to ensure that it is returned to the closed position.


Galvanised finish or galvanised, then painted. Available in our RAL colours.


Fixed on base plate 200 x 200/10, earth-set by U-shaped bolts (supplied).





Swivel Gates 2000



Made of 60 mm steel tubing with black plastic end cap.


Standard right angle lock using 16 mm padlock and pin. May be blocked at 90° in the open position.


Galvanised finish.


Fixed on a base plate with buttresses.

Supplied with U shaped bolts for safe ground fixing.






Lightweight Swivel Gates


Allows occasional access to authorised vehicles or emergency services while ensuring continuity of Province's style.


Pivots on the internal tube.

Using a bolt and Padlock, can be locked in either open or closed positions.

2 stops per gate supplied (to concrete into the ground). Available as left or right opening.

Zinc-plated steel, painted in our RAL colours with choice of top caps or galvanized finish with the Mercure black top cap.






Province Access Gate & Guard Rail

A telescopic barrier suitable for all road widths. A single reference for roads from 3 to 5 meters;


Padlock closure (supplied);


Finish: white lacquered on galvanised steel with red reflective strips;


Fixed on base plate, supplied with U-shaped bolts for safe ground fixing;


2nd support post for open position to ensure safety.


Easy transport to site: the barrier is delivered as a single unit, 3 meters long.






Universal Swivel Barrier

Available in 6, 7 and 8 metre lengths.


Non-sagging rectangular steel top boom 100mm x 50mm and 80mm x 40mm, hinged on a Ø 140mm post.


Offset rotational axis.


Padlock and pin locking with optional 11mm triangle key on posts.


Optional additional post for safety in the open position. White lacquered finish on galvanised surface with red reflective strips.


Fixed on base plate, supplied with U-shaped bolts for safe ground fixing.






Extra Wide Swivel Manual Barriers


Large galvanised 140 mm posts.


Visible 17 mm yellow cable cover 4000 mm for 5500 of cable.


Locked with specially designed tamperproof lock.

Installation : concreted into the ground.





Cable Barrier