Urban Furniture

Steel tube Ø 76. Overall height 1,200mm excluding top cap. City and Sphere feature welded. cast steel top caps, Europe and Agora feature riveted cast aluminium top caps.

Zinc-plated steel, painted in our RAL colours.

Mercure post: riveted top cap, cast aluminium. Galvanised post with black top cap or entire post and top in black.

Decorative fixed posts: Ø 76

Steel tube Ø 114mm. Overall height 1,200mm excluding top cap. Decorative welded, cast steel top caps for stand-alone installations or for integration with our urban furniture lines.

Zinc-plated steel, painted in our RAL colours. To be concreted in the ground.

Decorative fixed posts: Ø 114

Specific colour contrast and special sizes allow these bollards to be easily detected by visually impaired people.

• Steel tubes: Ø 76 or Ø 114mm;

• Overall height: from 1580mm to 1660mm (depending on model);

• Height above ground: at least 1000mm above ground;

• Finish: galvanised and painted in black (RAL 9005);

• Choice of two welded aluminium top caps painted in white (RAL 9010) to attract attention in urban environment;

• To be concreted into the ground.

High visibility bollards

An original solution for clean and tidy city centres and smoking areas.

• Capacity to hold 3000 cigarette butts, easily emptied by a plug at the bottom of the bollard.

• Colours of the bollard make it easily recognisable

• A true bollard, manufactured in 3mm galvanised steel featuring a steel plate to extinguish cigarettes which prevents other items being introduced.

• Full height 1400mm, height above ground 1210mm (DDA compliant).


Available in two versions:

Version 1: A lockable removable Butt Bollard using a secure lock-bloc socket system, perfect for pavement usage ( cafes, bars & restaurants, office buildings), where there is a risk of theft.

Version 2: A surface mounted removable Butt Bollard using a galvanised socket, allowing the Butt Bollard to be simply inserted and removed with ease.

The Butt-Bollard®

Chains fitting on all our posts with a quick link attachment.


Posts: steel tube Ø 114mm or Ø 76mm. Overall height 1,200mm excluding top cap. Equipped with 1 or 2 welded rings. Zinc-plated steel, painted in our RAL colours. To be concreted in the ground.


Fixed chain posts

Steel tubing Ø 114, Ø 76 or Ø 60. Height: 1200mm with rounded welded top.


Standard or with 1, 2 or 4 welded rings, Ø 6 welded ring for Ø 60 and Ø 12 welded ring for Ø 76 and 114.

Finish: galvanised or painted on galvanised surface, to our RAL colours. To be concreted in the ground.

Crossroad posts

For posts or guard rails, of different diameter or section, in galvanised steel, for the following tubes: Ø 35, Ø 50, Ø 60, Ø 76, Ø 114, 35 x 35, 50 x 50, 80 x 40, 80 x 80.

Standard Sockets for posts

Steel post: Ø 76 which will withstand low speed vehicle impacts thanks to its spring-loaded pivoting system.


Automatic return to the vertical position.

Choice of 4 riveted top caps.

Zinc-plated steel, painted in our RAL colours.

Ground fixing with a U-ground fixture (supplied).

"Amortishock" post

To release: Unlock the post and rotate it one turn to remove it from its socket.

To lock: Rotate the post so that it drops (1) into the socket. Complete the turn to lock in place (2).

Socket to be concreted in the ground.

Zinc-plated steel, painted in our RAL colours.

Unlocking options are 3 different keys, 3 identical keys or an 11mm triangle key.

Primablock® system with post: Ø 76

To lock, insert post and rotate.


To unlock insert an 11mm triangle key, rotate the post, then simply lift the post out of the Lockbloc 21.

100% galvanised with stainless steel internal mechanism for complete corrosion protection.

The sockets provide total stability and are secure and tamper-proof thanks to the unique locking system.

Static galvanised lacquered central flush boss.

Drains naturally through sub surface gravel.

A reservoir allows the accumulation sand, gravel, etc. and can be removed for easy maintenance.

The parts above ground level are lacquered in black.

For use with standard and chain posts.

Lockbloc 21 socket system for Ø 76 and Ø 114 posts

This heavy and extremely robust fold down post should be seen as a leading product in terms of access control.

Its anchorage and locking system ensures perfect post rigidity in the upright position.

It features a prisoner key to ensure that it is returned to the upright position.

In the lowered position, the locking part becomes fully covered to prevent ingress of gravel or leaves.

Steel tube. Cast steel or aluminium top caps.

Posts painted in our RAL colours. The lock is coated in black RAL 9005, Galvanised steel.

Fixing rods supplied.

Soliblock® system with posts: Ø 76 and 114